Location: Triveni Ghat
Date: 2021-03-21

Sparsh Ganga Volunteers Join Us to Clean Triveni Ghat in Rishikesh

The ghats are amongst the most vulnerable areas that act as entry points to waste pollution in River Ganga. Along with volunteers from Sparsh Ganga and Nagar Nigam Rishikesh, we conducted a clean-up drive at Triveni Ghat where we collected over 350kgs of waste.

Briefing session by team Aviral before clean-up

The clean-up began with a short briefing session by the Aviral team on collecting dry waste. 32 volunteers from Sparsh Ganga were present for the clean-up drive. All the participants were provided with the necessary equipment - dry waste bags, litter pickers, and safety gear which included gloves and masks. The Aviral team ensured the availability of sanitizers and medical kits for any emergencies.

Sparsh Ganga volunteers during the clean-up at Triveni Ghat

The Sparsh Ganga team and many residents of Rishikesh associate the river as a ‘mother’ that selflessly gives water which we must protect and preserve. Chants of “Jai Maa Gange, Har Har Gange” motivated the volunteers from Sparsh Ganga and our team throughout the clean-up drive. A total of 47 participants at the clean-up drive collected 350 kg of waste. Through this clean-up team, Aviral was able to engage with an active youth group and introduce the project’s vision and mission to them.

 team Aviral clean-up DRIVE

Which waste goes in which bin? Post the clean-up, the Aviral team held a demonstration on waste segregation and played a small game with the volunteers where they had to guess which waste would be disposed of in the green, blue and red bins respectively. It was a highly engaging session where the volunteers learned about segregating organic, dry, and hazardous waste in the proper manner. The demonstration of segregation gave the youth and other participants an opportunity to understand the journey of waste and its further processing and handling.

Tipper collecting waste for transporting to UNDP MRF

Post the segregation activity, the collected waste from the clean-up was disposed of in the Nagar Nigam vehicle to be further sent for processing at the UNDP MRF. “My Ganga, My Responsibility” is what Team Aviral wishes to instill amongst the community, especially the youth, so as to ensure a sustainable system for waste management in the city. 

Clean up drive waste management in the city.



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