Location: Bharat Mandir, Rishikesh
Date: 2021-02-16

Aviral Commences On Ground Activities In Rishikesh With It’s First Community Plastic Waste Management Event In Rishikesh

On the auspicious day of Basant Panchami, Project Aviral took its first step in Rishikesh towards reducing plastic waste entering the Ganga through awareness generation activities, a clean up drive, and managing the waste for one of Rishikesh’s biggest temples, Bharat Mandir.

The day commenced with the Aviral team setting up an awareness stall at the temple to spread awareness among incoming temple visitors on source segregation and how plastic waste can be utilized productively. In collaboration with Bharat Mandir, Aviral took up the responsibility of organizing a clean-up drive in a high-density public location behind the temple. Rishikesh Nigar Nagam waste workers were briefed on proper waste collection practices as per Aviral guidelines, and along with the Aviral team and volunteers from the awareness stall, took on the task of collecting all the plastic waste in the targeted area. After a grueling two hours, the collection team managed to collect 86.5 kgs of dry waste which was further segregated and sent for recycling. The collaborative efforts of the Aviral team, Nagar Nigam staff, and volunteers paid off fruitfully as the area was transformed into a cleaner and greener space, motivating the curious public to keep their city clean.

The next day, at the Bhandara event organized by the temple, Aviral was tasked with facilitating a waste segregation activity with the aim to provide technical know-how to Bharat Mandir staff on effective waste management during events. Multiple bins for dry waste and wet waste were set up. Aviral teams, including Nagar Nigam Staff and volunteers, were deployed in each station to ensure not only that waste was being disposed of in the correct bin but also to spread awareness on waste segregation to the 2000 Bhandara visitors. During the event, Aviral managed to collect 313 kgs of wet waste which were further directed to a nearby composting unit, and 50 kgs of dry waste which was sent to a Material Recovery Centre for further segregation with the intent to strengthen the recycling value chain.

This was Aviral’s first community event in Rishikesh since the commencement of the pilot project in December. The event turned out to be a success as the collaborative efforts of a small team of 11 comprising of Aviral staff, Nagar Nigam waste workers, and volunteers managed to generate awareness on plastic waste management to over 2000 local residents and visitors, and divert over 130 kgs of dry waste away from the Ganga. The event was a great start to Project Aviral’s mission to work with the Nagar Nigams of Rishikesh and Haridwar to help reduce the amount of plastic waste that is disposed into the holy river and step towards a cleaner and beautiful Ganga.

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