Location: Sharda Nagar, Haridwar
Date: 2021-07-23

House-holds and shops in Haridwar come together to donate dry waste

Involving local communities is crucial while working towards reducing plastic waste in Ganga! We held a 4-day Kooda Daan Abhiyaan or waste donation drive in Sharda Nagar, Haridwar. This particular campaign was unique as not only households but even commercial establishments participated. Out of the 130 homes and 35 shops approached on day one, a total of 39 households and 14 shopkeepers were successfully able to segregate and donate their waste for recycling.

Kuda Daan Abhiyan

One of the highlights of this event was that we were able to engage in a  detailed conversation with waste workers, residents, s and shopkeepers on the challenges faced while managing, disposing, and collecting waste. With the waste workers, we sought solutions to improve the efficiency of waste collection. On the other side, with residents and shopkeepers, we advocated the importance of segregating their waste and in supporting the hard work of the waste workers. The households and shopkeepers were briefed on items that fall under the three waste categories and were requested to store their dry waste separately for the campaign. The presence of the informal waste worker along with the ground team during the event helped in sensitizing the residents about the dangers of mixed waste on the waste worker’s safety and health.

The Ward councilor and the Sanitary Inspector from Haridwar Nagar Nigam also participated during the event by accompanying the team and extending their support to the project’s objective.

At Project Aviral, we are focused on involving communities, identifying challenges, and bringing solutions to improve the waste management system for all stakeholders.  . Our Kooda Dan Abhiyan campaign gives us this opportunity to engage, spread awareness, and give waste generators the opportunity to manage their waste sustainably while reducing the impact of the plastic waste problem affecting the local environment. 

House-holds in Haridwar come together to donate dry waste

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