Location: Harihar Mandir, Ward no 19, New Haridwar
Date: 2021-03-14

Collected and segregated 51 kgs of waste at the Bhandara Event, Harihar Mandir!

The Aviral Team organized a waste segregation event and set up an awareness stall at the Bhandara Event at Harihar Mandir in Ward 19. We witnessed a heavy footfall of 700+ devotees and 51 kgs of waste were collected.

waste at the Bhandara Event, Harihar Mandir!

Mahashivratri is celebrated by devotees all over India to pay respect to Lord Shiva. 32 lakh devotees come to Haridwar to take a holy dip in the auspicious river Ganga due to the Kumbh Mela.To mark such an auspicious festival we decided to carry forward the learnings of source segregations to the residents and tourists of Haridwar.

waste at the Bhandara Event, Harihar Mandir!
A big Bhandara (a feast) is organised every year at Harihar Mandir to celebrate the festival. Our Aviral team, along with the temple committee, gladly took up the initiative to manage the  waste generated at the food station during the event.

waste at the Bhandara Event, Harihar Mandir!

We witnessed a footfall of 700 people and a total of 24 kgs of Dry waste and 27 kgs of food waste was collected. The principles of Reuse and Reduce were adopted. As we implemented the use of reusable steel plates and spoons at the  Bhandara, there was the considerably lesser generation of dry waste.

waste at the Bhandara Event, Harihar Mandir!

Our team briefed the support staff about the right waste segregation process to be followed while collecting the food waste before depositing them in the bins. Our team manned the bins and informed the visitors about various waste streams. The visitors readily paid heed to our requests to segregate their waste.

waste at the Bhandara Event, Harihar Mandir!

The team installed separate dustbins (to ensure waste segregation) in a place where the food was being served. The dustbins were

▪ Biodegradable - food waste

▪ Non-biodegradable - clean paper cups, paper plates, etc.

▪ Washable/Reusable: Steel plates and spoons

We set up a stall where recycled products and waste Segregation banners were displayed. Through the stall, we sensitized guests and motivated them to take a pledge to sustain these waste segregation habits. We were inspired by the many students that visited the stall, wrote slogans, took the pledge, and expressed an interest in volunteering!

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