Location: Triveni Ghat
Date: 2021-09-18

Celebrating World Clean-up Day in Rishikesh!

What better way to celebrate World Cleanup Day than by organizing a clean-up in one of the largest dumpsites in Rishikesh! With our fifth cleanup in the city, we were elated to collaborate with a group of young NSS students from Rajkiya Inter-college and Veerbhadra and volunteers from a student-run enterprise from Delhi University called Palash.

This cleanup was organized to spread awareness regarding the dumping of waste and its environmental impact among the citizens of the wards who live close to the Chandrabhaga river. The dumpsite was not an easy place to clean but all the young participants rolled up their sleeves and got down to the task of cleaning up one of the biggest dumpsites in Rishikesh! At the end of the clean-up, we had collected 600 kgs of waste and transformed the area. For the residents to remember the message of cleanliness and the efforts of  our volunteers, we installed signage  that said ‘Leave your goodness where you go, not waste.’ With the support of the Nagar Nigam, our team ensured that the gate which opened towards the dumpsite was locked, ensuring that no one from litters or dumps waste in the spot again! 

Celebrating World Clean-up Day in Rishikesh!

Volunteers from clean up drive joined us for a walk in the neighboring area to spread the message of source segregation and anti-dumping of waste with the objective to bring about long-term behavioral change.

It’s always humbling to create impactful and sustainable change. Through these fun events, we provide an important message on source segregation, the harmful effects of open dumping and littering, and how our behavior with respect to waste can affect the Ganga. We had a challenging but extremely fulfilling day in working towards reducing the amount of plastic waste entering the Ganga. Hoping for more enthusiastic and responsible citizens to join us in the movement for a Swacch Rishikesh and Aviral Ganga.


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